DRAMASOFÍA is a participatory performance about philosophy and adolescence.

Traveling through the theories of the six great philosophers that were most impactful during our secondary education, we set out on a journey exploring our own adolescence to find what of their theories is still present in us and why.

Our existential questions cross withthose of the philosophers:

Socrates, Plato, Hume, Mill, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche.


Six images are projected from our own body and invite the spectator to consider their own relationship with Philosophy.



The period of adolescence as a time of educational training

and transformation of identity,

shares the searching spirit of Philosophy.

Adolescence becomes a metaphor of a conscious state

in constant evolution.

DRAMASOFÍA uses drama as a method to confront the conflicts

of adolescence and shine light on their philosophical value.


How can we explain philosophical theories through moving images?

How can we transmit abstract concepts through dramatic games?

How can we pass from ideas to actions?

From theory to biography?

From thoughts to body?

The audience is included and participates in the action.




In a classroom,

in a theatre,

in a room,

in a gym,

in any space that has four walls.


We remove the chairs and tables between us and we transform the classroom into a free expression space using

projectors, electronic music, computers, neon lights, loudspeakers, books, and the body.


DRAMASOFIA fits inside a suitcase and is created, written, produced and directed by two actresses.


With the resources of today we can all be theatre directors, actors, performers, DJs, YouTubers, musical producers, hackers, Instagrammers or videogame programmers.

We just need to have curiosity and use the elements

that we have in front of us to tell a story.


The show can be adapted to an empty space of a minimum of 60 metres, or to a traditional stage.

We need two tables, two chairs, and an electrical plug. 

We need darkness to be able to video project with the best image quality.

The audience doesn’t need chairs: it will be organized around the space and involved in the action.


The show and the workshops serves as practical tool for creative and active reflection and they are an useful support for Spanish language and Philosophy study.

DRAMASOFÍA travels to places with different languages: beyond the linguistic differences, comprehension passes through the expression of the body and the language of theatre.

The piece is made for young people but it is suited also for an adult audience.